Beth Powell

"Melanie is one of those people that you just simply cannot be thankful ENOUGH to have found. She swooped into my life and saved the day with my website! She is extremely knowledgeable, and the thing is - she gets EXCITED to do web design work, like full on coding - which seems overwhelming to most people, fires Melanie up! You just know you're working with someone amazing when they get as excited as she about something like coding! Aside from that, Melanie's communication skills are simply top notch. I for one, am the type of person who likes to be involved with stuff, especially when it comes to something as precious to me as my website! Instead of Melanie simply saying "okay I'll take care of it" - she detail, she TALKED THROUGH every step, and she constantly CHECKED IN with me to ensure I was happy. That right there is unparalleled. Then you take into account her insane attention to detail - nothing goes unnoticed with Melanie. She not only pours her impeccable skill into her work, but she pours so much time, energy, and HEART as well!"

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