Template beta testing


Thank you so much for helping Melanie Craft & Co. establish a seamless, organized template design process. 

We understand that starting a business can be extremely costly and time consuming. We wanted to create template shop specifically for Squarespace, that not only look incredibly customized, but are inexpensive and have a quick turnaround time. 

In order to make sure our process is as quick and smooth as possible, we would love to have your help to let us know which areas of the design process needs a little extra TLC.


This beta test is right for you if...

  • You have a Squarespace account with a Business plan
  • You are a small business
  • You have all of your website content ready to go (this includes copy, photos, social media links, contact information, etc.)
  • You understand that this process requires both, you and me to be available for a minimum of 1 full day. 


If this is you, here's your next steps.

  1. You will begin by filling out the contact form below, to let me know which template you'd love to have for your website and a good day to start your design - No payment required ;)
  2. Once I receive the form filled out, you will be receiving an email that will direct to your project portal where you will be able find all files related to your website design - This includes contract, invoices, design files and more.
  3. One week before your scheduled design date, I'll follow up with you just to make sure we received all of your design files (uploaded through the design portal), and to remind you about our design date.
  4. On the morning of your design date, we'll get started restyling your website with the content you've provided us. Once completed, you will receive an email notification, where you will have access to a feedback form. Remember, we are only restyling the basic content, not the entire premade design. There will only be 1 revision offered. Additional revisions will be billed at my hourly rate.
  5. Once the final design has been approved, I'll double check to make sure all links, pages and more are all in working order.
  6. Launch time!! I'll share your design and showcase your newly launched website throughout my social media platforms. 


Are you ready?

fill the form below and we can get started!