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with the help of a Squarespace SEO Specialist


As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of getting your website viewed by visitors. And having a beautiful website most definitely helps, but it's certainly never enough. 

That's where I come in.

As a Squarespace designer and specialist, I understand that building a business online goes a lot further than only having a pretty website. It involves a lot of time and a lot more backend work to be done within your Squarespace website.

Having someone like me, who knows her way in and around the platform, and knows what you need to get your website noticed and on good terms with search engines, can be incredibly beneficial. 


this Service includes:

  • Site map setup in Google and Bing
  • Research competitors and high ranking keywords
  • Provide a list of keywords & key phrases to help you with future content for your website and blog
  • Make sure that your headings are structured correctly
  • Page titles, page descriptions and url-slugs
  • Revamp your websites SEO description so that it includes a good keyword rich description
  • Ensure each image has a captions and includes an SEO friendly file name
  • Make sure your blog post have descriptions and the url is SEO friendly


One time SEO setup starts at $650;
Ongoing SEO setup starts at $575/month;

*prices vary depending on the amount of content you have on your website.


Our Promise and Guarantee

We cannot promise that your website will have a specific ranking, since that depends on so many factors.

SEO is not a one time type of service. While you can have an increase in traffic from search engines, it may not stay the same within the following months.

Instead, what we can promise is that we guarantee to work with only one client per business category within a geographical area. We want to be sure that your interest is our top priority. In other words, we believe in quality over quantity.

Our Process

Below is the general process on how the SEO services will work.


1 | Inquire & audit

Once we receive your inquiry, we'll begin by reviewing your inquiry, and provide a quick site audit so we know where to start and the work ahead of us.

2 | quote, contract & invoice

If we're a great fit, we'll send you a custom quote based on your inquiry and website audit. You'll also have access to the invoice and contract should you decide to move forward. 

3 | Research

Now we're ready to begin. We'll start by doing deeper research. We want to make sure we're researching all of the trending keywords and key phrases that will help your business rank better. 

4 | FRont & backend tweaks

Then, we'll move forward to the website tweaks. We'll start by making sure the front end of your website is correctly labeled with headings and include keywords pertaining to your business. We'll also make sure that all links are in working order. We don't want any issues in the long run. Then, we'll make sure to make changes to the backend of your website. This means your sites SEO description, Page titles, page descriptions, url slugs, etc. 

5 | Monthly reports

At the end of each month, we'll put together a report of any work that has been done to your website, the amount of hours completed, a list of keywords and key phrases to use to develop your content, and anything more we need to share with you. 

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+ Where should I start with Squarespace SEO?

Squarespace has a good guide with the basics of what every site owner should do. This includes submitting your site to Google, properly naming your pages, and other simple techniques to make your site search friendly. DIYers should start with those tips.

+ Can you get me in the top position of Google?

I think it's wrong for businesses to garantee this kind of thing. I It's hard to garantee a specific rank within any search engine since it really depends on so many factors. SEO services like these are not a one time service. This means that you cannot expect to get the same results every month or keep getting an increase in search engine rankings. It takes time, and knowledge and a lot of trial and error.

What we can garantee, is that we work with only one client per business type in a geographical area, so that you can be sure that your interest is our top priority. We truly believe in quality over quantity.

+ Isn’t Squarespace bad for Search engine optimization?

All platforms can be SEO-friendly. It just depends on whether you are utilizing all of the right places within the platform to ensure your website is SEO-friendly. As a Squarespace Specialist, I am familiar with how to make the platform search engine ready and friendly.

+ How will I know what kind of work you’ve performed?

At the end of each month, we will provide you with a report of the hours used, any work we've done to your website as well as a list of keywords and key phrases to use so that you can develop future content.



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