10/22/18: Welcome to SquareCode HQ!

Welcome to SquareCode HQ!

Here’s a look at what’s new

code library

As of today, we have 20+ different codes in our code library, ranging from codes that change your social media icon colors to removing different parts of your websites such as navigation areas and more. You will be able to view the entire archive of codes as they come out, search by template, by types of code, etc.

We are still rolling out with a ton of new code before our official launch date, so make sure you check back regularly to see what we have. We will be updating the code library twice a week with new codes to use for your Squarespace website.

If you have a specific code you want to know, feel free to request it using our request form here.


In the coming weeks, you will have complete access to two of our courses

  • Squarespace Basics 101

  • and, Boost your Squarespace SEO.

New courses will be rolling out in the new year. Please let me know if you have any ideas on any specific courses you’d love to see shared!

hot seats

Twice a month, I will be chatting with one members, and helping them with anything they need help with on their website. This could be strategy related, helping with a specific code you need, etc.

These are LIVE events, and will be shared within the Hot Seat section of the website. Each Hot Seats will be about 30 minutes long for any member that applies and will be scheduled with you in advance. All hot seat events will be posted within the events tab.

If you are interested in applying for a hot seat, please do so here.

live events

Occasionally, I will scheduled ‘office hour’ type live events to check in with all members, get a feel of what you need, what needs updating, and give you a heads up of what’s coming next.

Live events will be scheduled once a month and will be posted within the events section of the website.


We share resources we definitely recommend for running an online business. You can find links to these recommended resources here, or at the bottom of any page.

Some of the resources we share do contain affiliate links, which means I do make a small commission for referring you, but I promise I wouldn’t recommend them if I wasn’t using these apps/tools for my business.

1-1 Strategy Sessions

We are offering 1-1 strategy sessions for SquareCode HQ members only. The sessions are the perfect place to get 1-1 website support, where we can strategize about your website design, help you with some custom code, etc.

You can learn more about strategy sessions here.

private community

We also have a private community for members only, where we can support each other, ask questions, strategize together and more.

Access our private Slack Community here.

Have questions?

Contact us using the form below or by clicking on the support link within the site.

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