helping the do it yourself creatives

build strategic & creative websites for their business

using Squarespace

Let’s be real for a second… Starting a business is already hard work.

You’re wearing so many hats and sometimes you just feel like you need a little extra help in just this one part of your business.

For a while, we have noticed so many Squarespace users struggle to customize their Squarespace website. They just can’t seem to see passed the templates Squarespace offers, thinking they are very cookie cutter like templates and leaving them with little imagination of what their website can really turn out to be.

For the last 2 years, I’ve made it my job and my mission to showcase that you can make your Squarespace website look like any Wordpress or Showit website.

I am continuously growing my knowledge in Squarespace and code to provide solutions for the do-it-yourself creatives like you, so that you can build your website on a budget.

This is why I created Squarecode hq…

SquareCode HQ is the ultimate hub to teach you how to build the website of your dreams with our library of code and with the support you need, when you need it!


→ Are the do it yourself type of person
→ Are a designer looking for extra help nailing down code
→ Need guidance while they design their own website
→ Need help with custom code
→ Who can’t afford to pay for a designer
→ Want to join a community of creative business owners
→ Who are looking to collaborate 

access to unlimited code

Custom code snippets created and tested on each Squarespace templates. Easy to understand and edit and make it y0ur own. New plugins are released weekly.

private community

Get access to our private community. Get support, collaborate and encourage each other while building completely custom websites!

Hot seats / OFFICE HOURS

We’ll have monthly hot seats and office hour calls that allow you to ask any questions or help with codes for your website and more.



Get access to a 40% off discount on all products in our shop and any custom projects.

free courses

Get free access to all current and upcoming courses.

free support

There may come a time when you need extra help with your design. We offer free support to all members so that we can help get you where you need to be.


*please note - this price is for those interested in beta testing the membership. Only 5 members will be able to access the membership at this price.

Get 2 months on a yearly subscription. Join now!

Beta Access

Monthly Payment


Unlimited access to our library of code

Private community

hot seats calls

40% off all products & services