Why I made the switch to Squarespace.

Blogging had become huge for me within the past few months. I wish I would have thought of all these ideas I have or even narrowed down my niche from the very beginning. 

When I first started blogging, I began on Wordpress. I honestly had no idea about hosting or anything like that, but I knew I wanted to make it big. I began concentrating on content I was putting out, including my Monday Morning Coffee series.  

The more I did my research on making it "in the big leagues", the more I realized how much hosting is needed to help make you look legit. I still don't know much about hosting guys, just thought I'd put that out there! 

Why I decided to make the Switch to Squarespace -- Melanie Craft co.

photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

I had asked the question of what kind of hosting most people have used for their website. The ones that stood out most were Bluehost and Squarespace (however it's it's own little platform).

I was under the wordpress platform already so I had really thought about using Bluehost. I actually ended up trying it for a few days in April, but hated it because it just seemed so complicated. Maybe it wasn't, and I was just not opened to really understand it, but I just felt I needed something simpler.

In July, when I thought about rebranding, I thought about hosting again. I had been reading about how Lauren of Elle and Company had loved Squarespace from the get-go and swore by it. She talks more about it in her recorded webinars. With so many other new and amazing bloggers making the Switch, including one of my favorites Jessica of Jessica Says, I just felt like maybe I should check it out.  What did I have to lose?

I looked into it and signed up for the 14 day free trial. Right from the beginning, the site was super easy to use. I was happy that I could understand the whole concept from the beginning. There was no downloading all these different files and attaching them to the hosting folders, there was no giving my credit card information during the trial. However those weren't the only reasons I decided to make the switch to Squarespace.

I honestly wanted the web design to be simple, clean yet very professional. I knew I didn't have a whole lot of money to spend on a web designer, so I was looking for new ways to really design and grow my brand on my own. Squarespace seemed like the perfect solution for that.

Even though there weren't too many themes to choose from (unlike Wordpress), the themes themselves were well designed and looked extremely professional from the start.

I didn't really have to worry about all these other things that I needed to download on Wordpress, for example, hosting and SEO, analytics, etc. Squarespace really took care of all of it for me. I'm even lucky enough to be able to set up shop for the future (yes, hopefully this get's set up soon enough!). 

Though I've only started using it in the last few weeks, I've been really impressed with my experience with it already. I'm definitely really happy that I've made the switch and would recommend squarespace for anyone who isn't all that tech savvy and looking for a simple and easy to use platform. 

For all of you bloggers, what platform are you currently using? Why?