The Squarespace Premade Template Shop


Y'all I feel as though I have been living a dream to be able to finally launch this template shop of mine. Even though there are currently only a few designs within the shop, I am still so thrilled that I can make this dream come true. 

In this post, I wanted to share a detailed description of why we decided to launch our premade template designs, and how this all works if you were to purchase a premade design from our template shop. 

View the newly launched Premade Squarespace Template Shop, by Melanie craft & Company

About our premade templates

Currently in our shop, we have 3 different premade design templates, exclusively created for the Squarespace platform. We believe that Squarespace is the perfect platform for any business, since it integrates with just about everything you could ever need to run your business, all at a very low cost.

In the last few months, we have strategically designed Squarespace template, making sure that each template design we have created were original and still had that custom design feel. All templates come with a total of 6 page designs, that I will be going through below.


The Dior Studio

Our first launched template design was The Dior Studio template. We designed this template with photographers in mind - This past year, we have worked very closely with a few handfuls of photographers to design a website that they and their clients would be so excited to look at. I had grown to be what I believe is an "expert" in what photographers would need, all while keeping everything neat, clean and organized.

We wanted to make sure that their work would be featured throughout the website, and ensure that our designs are still seo and mobile friendly. 

Features: large banner images; Clean design; Image Link hover effect; Clean blog design with no sidebar; gorgeous gallery display

Page designed: Home, About, Stories, Hire Us, Blog, Contact

La Petite Demoiselle

Our second template design we have launched in November is La Petite Demoiselle. This template was created for small business owners with a main focus on blogging and growing their email list. 

We wanted to make sure this website absolutely looked custom throughout the site, but even more within the blog pages. 

Features: a beautifully designed homepage; a clean footer section with instagram feed; a clean design; a completely customized blog page with sidebar, 

Pages designed: Home, About, Service, Archive, Blog, Contact

wild and free

Our third template in the shop is the Wild and Free template. This template was designed for small business owners with a modern touch in design. This is the perfect template for those looking to keep things pretty simple yet still feel like things are completely customized within their website.

Features: Large banner images with large page titles; An all in one homepage design; Clean gallery; Modern day design;  

Pages: Home, About, Our Work, Services, Blog, Contact

How does it work?

Now that I've told you a little bit about the templates I have launched, I would love to walk you through how this whole process works.


1. Choose and purchase your template

First things first, you will want to establish which template you want to choose for your website design. Once you've chosen your template, you will be able to add that template to your cart and proceed to the checkout so that you may purchase that specific design. 

Each template cost $299.00 - This is the price of the custom premade design template itself as well as the service for me to set it up for you. 


2. Schedule your 3 day design

Once we receive notification of your template purchase, we'll send you an email within 24 hours with your client portal login information. Here you will have access to your contract and a link so that you can choose your 3 day design dates.

We like to book your designs at the very least 2 weeks in advance so that you have plenty of time to send us the files that we need in order to get started (and complete) your website design. 

Please note that we only work with 1 client at a time to ensure your project gets our full attention and we are not missing any important details within the design.


3. Gather your content

To design your website, we'll need access to your website copy, images and branding elements (such as colors, logos, patterns, etc.). In the client portal, you will be able to provide us with a link to a google document with your website copy, a dropbox link with all of your files. We also provide an option where you can upload your photos and documents you choose to share for your website.

All documents are due the day before your design project is scheduled to start. Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder of when it's due when that time gets close. 


4. restyle your template

That day has finally come, and we are ready to restyle the template you've chosen. We'll switch up the colors and photos so that the designs include all of your brand elements, site copy and images, but still keep the same template style as the one you originally purchased. 

The template restyle will only take us up to 3 days to complete.

Want to make sure the rest of your site matches your new site look? We can set you up on an retainer plan. Feel free to get more information about the plans we offer here.


5. view your training videos

Every template purchase comes with a training video to walk you through your website's design. For the most part, we'll walk you through the basics of the site and how you can ensure your website's design stays up to date.


6. launch your website

It's finally that time and your website is officially ready to be shown off to the rest of the world. We'll post your launch on all of our social media outlets - Our website, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Think of it as a little extra advertising ;).