Squarespace Gallery Blocks: The difference between each of them

Squarespace has been pretty popular among us lately. While it's become very popular and in high demand, it means there are a lot of new Squarespace users who are unaware of how content blocks are used. In particular, the Gallery Blocks. 

I love the gallery blocks. It allows you to do so much throughout your website. It has so many uses, however, sometimes it's misused. Which today, it's something that I will be covering - the difference between each gallery block and what you should be using them for.

The difference between all gallery blocks on Squarespace -- Melanie Craft & co.

What are gallery blocks and what do they do?

Gallery blocks are what adds galleries of images or videos (or both) to any pages or blog posts. You're able to upload your images, add stock photos (Getty images), embed videos or display content from an existing Gallery page. 

The different uses for Squarespace gallery blocks -- Melanie Craft & co.

There are 4 different kinds of Gallery Blocks. 

  1. Slideshow
  2. Carousel
  3. Grid
  4. Stack

Each gallery block has it's own purpose, which is exactly what I'm about to explain.

Slideshow Block

photo credit: Rekita Nicole

The slideshow block is a gallery of images displayed as exactly that - a slideshow. It only lets you show images or videos on at a time, however you can click through the bottom previews to show the following images or videos. 


Carousel Block

photo credit: Rekita Nicole

The Carousel Block adds a gallery of images and videos to a page or blog post in a horizontal strip without any padding between the items. In other words, there are no space between photos.

The block gives your readers the option to view your photos while they automatically transition between slides or click on the gallery controls. The number of items that display at a time depends on the size of the block.

Unfortunately titles and descriptions don’t display in this Gallery Block design.


Grid Block

The difference between each Gallery Block on Squarespace -- Melanie Craft & co

The Grid Block adds a gallery of images and videos to a page or blog post in a symmetrical grid. This gallery block is pretty popular for those who want to manually recreate the built-in grid designs on some of our templates, for example, Flatiron and Avenue.

I used the grid block in my sidebar as a list for my categories. 


Stack Block

photo credit: Rekita Nicole

The Stack Block adds a gallery of images and videos to a page or blog post in one single column with only a little space between each photo. Your photos or videos are the length of your block. 

This is a great option for photographers who are trying to show off their work. Unfortunately, the Stack block doesn't allow you to customize any aspect ratios or navigation controls.

The series of photos above are an example of the Stack Block.