Why you should always consider having a list of topics in hand & where to find them.

I had a conversation with a few ladies last week about blog/newsletter topics. These ladies are some of my favorite bloggers/business owners and I just wanted to know their secret to how they come up with amazing topics.

The conversation ended up inspiring me about this blog post today.

Blogging can be a difficult task to begin with, so having a list of topic ideas should always be something you have at hand.

Why you should always consider having a list of topics in hand & where to find them. -- Melanie Craft & co.


Look, I of all people, understand the struggle with coming up with topics, whether it be for your blog or Newsletter. On days where you’re just killing it with coming up with blog topics, it’s nice to have that list.

Having a list of topics in hand saves you from a lot of trouble:

  • the stress of creating low-quality content that your audience really doesn’t care about.
  • saves you from thinking of a topic that isn’t great for your niche. Let me put it this way… If you’re blog is about teaching people how to make food, then you shouldn’t be telling people how to create a blog, or how to start a business. Stick with topics you know.


Honestly, there are so many places you can get ideas from, however, you do have to be opened to do a little research.

Facebook Groups

This is actually my main source of topic ideas. I’m a part of probably 15+ Facebook groups, where people are constantly asking questions about everything. Take these questions and turn them into blog posts!

I’m part of a Facebook group called “Squarespace For Bloggers & Creatives”. Basically in this group everyone uses Squarespace or is in the process of switching their blog to Squarespace. At anytime you have a question, someone is most likely to help you by either providing you with link to a post, or just explaining it right there.

I love when people ask questions because it gives me an opportunity to turn that question into 2-3 blog posts.

For example…

Why you should consider having a list of topics in hand and where to get these topic ideas from -- Melanie Craft & co.

A question like this could be turned into these blog posts:

-Why you should think about using password protected pages and what you should use it for?
-How to create a password protected page in Squarespace (or any other platform you use)
-Services you can use to create a subscription based library.


I personally don’t really use Twitter to find my blog topics, however some of my very close blogger friends (maybe they’re real life friends too..??) use Twitter to find their blog post ideas.

Think about looking through hashtags in your niche. Are there any questions being asked? Maybe there’s a certain blog post that was written, but that you would like to put your own twist on it - Just be sure not to plagiarize and if you copy a snippet from someone else, give them the proper credit.

Think about your personal experiences

This is something I actually have been thinking about these last few weeks. What did I need help with while I was starting my own blog?

Maybe you’re an expert in the platform you’re using, for example, Squarespace. There are so many tutorials you can share with new Squarespace users that could helps them know more about the platform. That’s what gave me the idea of creating the #yourepicguide to Starting a Blog on Squarespace a FREE 14 page ebook designed to help you create your Squarespace account and learn all about its features!


Sometimes when I look through Pinterest, I find blog post ideas. People will write a certain type of post, and I’ll think about a different way of going about it. Maybe I’ll have opinions to add, or my own take on the way I do things.

Be different in the sea filled with similar blog posts.

You’re probably wondering how the heck can I do that?! Am-I-right?! I probably am…

I know it can be difficult to a way to write a post that someone already wrote. However, you need to think of it this way: A way that they handle their social media, may not be the way you handle yours. There are different ways that people reach “success”. Maybe people are interested in your version.

What are your thoughts? Where do you find your blog post/newsletter topic ideas from?