How To Set Up A Password Protected Page In Squarespace.

Password protected pages are awesome! They allow you to stop others from reading something that you don't want to share with just about anyone. I love to use them for my client design pages because they allow me to share everything project related with my clients, that way they see what stage I'm at, their designs and more all under a password.

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Why I switched to Squarespace from Wordpress.

One thing I get asked a lot is why did I choose to switch from Wordpress to Squarespace. Honestly, I had thought about moving to an other platform for a while, but I wasn't sold on Squarespace until late 2015 when I was seeing everyone was just raving about how easy it is to post content and really build my website the way I LOVE.

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12 tools I use to successfully run my design business

Owning and operating you a business as a solopreneur means you are often wearing several hats. You are not only the one running your company, you are also the one who is writing, designing and managing projects.

Sometimes it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but if you use the right tools and the right systems, you can work less, and have a lot more freedom. 

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How one online course changed the way I planned my business

There is a lot of planning that goes on when your trying to take your business to the next level, and there are a lot of resources to use to take your business there. 

Last week, I shared a post about how you can prepare your business for complete success by teaching you how you can set up goals for your business in the new year. But once you've planned your goals, how can you keep yourself accountable so that you can accomplish everything you've set on your "to-do" list before the end of the year arrives.  In this next post, I'll be sharing my thoughts on one app and course specifically that helps me create a strategic system for my business, and that also keeps me accountable. 

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How to set goals for your business

Last week, I sat down with a pen, paper and a blank Google Doc to prepare myself for what’s to come in 2018. Where do I want to be by the end of 2018, what am I looking to accomplish exactly and how in the heck am I going to get there. It was hard, and it was a ridiculously long process, but by the end of the week, I was 3 pages full of goals for the year (including several tasks to accomplish to get me there).

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Setting up your newsletter block in Squarespace

There is no doubt that I love Squarespace. I have been using it for just under three years and haven’t thought about switching back to Wordpress or Wix. Not even once. There are far too many great great things you can do within the platform. Some of which I’ve already shared in previous blog post. But today I am Sharing a tutorial on how to set up your newsletter signup form within your Squarespace website.

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FEATURED: 40+ Squarespace Tips and Tricks

Today I have the opportunity to to be featured among nine other amazing Squarespace experts so we could collectively give you our best tips and tricks for building out a website in Squarespace. I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS POST WITH YOU!

We were simply asked to give our absolute top Squarespace tips. There were no parameters, just unfiltered thoughts on the most essential things we think you should consider when creating your site.

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