Setting up your newsletter block in Squarespace

There is no doubt that I love Squarespace. I have been using it for just under three years and haven’t thought about switching back to Wordpress or Wix. Not even once. There are far too many great great things you can do within the platform. Some of which I’ve already shared in previous blog post. But today I am Sharing a tutorial on how to set up your newsletter signup form within your Squarespace website.

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FEATURED: 40+ Squarespace Tips and Tricks

Today I have the opportunity to to be featured among nine other amazing Squarespace experts so we could collectively give you our best tips and tricks for building out a website in Squarespace. I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS POST WITH YOU!

We were simply asked to give our absolute top Squarespace tips. There were no parameters, just unfiltered thoughts on the most essential things we think you should consider when creating your site.

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Melanie CraftComment
Why Squarespace is the platform for you

There have been many debates sparked regarding different platforms and whether they are right for you. Thing is, there are so many of them out there that offer so many different things. But how do you go about choosing one? How do you know if one is specifically for you? 

While I may not know a whole lot about the other platforms, I am definitely very knowledgeable when it comes to Squarespace.

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Squarespace Templates that offer Blog Sidebars

Squarespace has grown A LOT since I first started on the platform 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the new templates they have been rolling out with don't offer the blog sidebar option.

Lucky for you, I went through all of the templates Squarespace offers and provide you with this wicked list of templates that do offer the sidebar option. Short. Sweet and Right to the point!

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